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Team Performance Management (TPM)

Team Together

Enabled per team and per team member, Team Together provides the same team activity information that is available to managers.

Team Together.PNG

Three panes provide the following Information for all team members other than yourself:

  1. Progression notes added to tickets currently being worked on, until it has been reviewed for whether help can be offered.

  2. All other most recent activity, showing the period of time spent on each ticket. A long period indicates that help might be beneficial for the ticket owner.

  3. All current day progression notes on open tickets assigned to your team that have not yet been reviewed, whether the ticket is currently being worked on or not, for teamwork to be offered retrospectively.

By everyone in your team using progression notes where appropriate and regularly reviewing Team Together, your team can progress its workload collaboratively and in a more timely fashion. Fewer tickets will need to be reassigned and you might learn from one-another more than is otherwise possible.

To determine if you can help a colleague, open the activity information record. From the activity information record, the service ticket and progression note (if applicable) can be opened for review.

If you are able to help, choose "Collaborate" to update the information Team Together shows, and to show the collaboration against your My Activity profile.

Information on Team Together collaboration is available to managers. How you have helped is one of several information sources used to guide continual improvement initatives, managed through TPM's improvement register.

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