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Team Performance Management (TPM)

"My Activity" Dashboard

My Activity.png

​My Activity presents:

  • Your total recorded work activity day-by-day over the past two weeks.

  • Your most recent work day's activity time-line.

  • The number of progression notes you have submitted in the past four weeks *.

  • Improvement items assigned to you *.

  • Whether your Cherwell account is currently set so that it contributes to service metrics. If you are currently working on improvement items, a project or anything that takes you away from normal support activity, your manager can temporarily set your account to "exclude from support" and you will see the message:

    "Currently excluded from service metrics".

    If you see this message, you will not appear on TPM's work flow monitor. When you return to support work, your manager can change the setting at any time before the end of the day so that your activity contribution is recognised.


  • If Team Together is used and you have permission to it, its pane appears on the Dashboard.

My Activity provides:

  • A messaging system to inform your manager that you are taking a break from work, called "Take Time Out".

  • Ability to manually "suggest an improvement".

  • "EOD" (end-of-day) to clock-out at the end of your working day. This is required only if inactivity notes are being used for duty-of-care (see Progression Notes), which can be confirmed with your manager.

If progression notes or improvement items are not used by your team, the component is not visible.

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