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Community of Practice

The Focus Framework for Flow Management is an Open Standard*

 Why join? 

Activity Prioritisation guides attentive support. Contribution Recognition engages everyone in their best work. Flow metrics provide a wealth of manageability and insight.

If you are a team practitioner who has an interest in support services, whether in IT, across the enterprise, or in business customer services, we hope you will join the community of Flow Management practice to learn all about it.

| Video guides, together with the TOFT brochure, cover all Flow Management practices.

Other benefits include:

  • Tool-specific body of knowledge (BOK) built over time.

  • Forum support, including support from Opimise.

  • 10% off voucher for our High Performance Principles course.

  • TOFT Verification - proof of your operational maturity is an asset. If self-developing TOFT practices, the extent and quality of your implementation is compared to the Focus Framework standard.

  • Free licensing of Patent Pending methods (for non-commercial use - required in the USA).

  • eBooks as they become available.

* In accordance with our terms and conditions, while the community is generally open to all, certain categories of organisation who would be partners of Opimise, their representatives and independent consultants, must join the community through a partner channel.
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