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Community of Practice

Free for all, we provide support for your implementation

 Why join the community? 

Activity prioritisation should become the usual way to deliver support, and contribution recognition is the way to engage support teams in doing their best work, alongside flow metrics for manageability.

If you are a team practitioner or consultant who has an interest in support services, whether in IT, across the enterprise, or in business customer services, we hope you will join the TOFT community of practice. Community members can request support from us, and the community too, in relation to any implementation that you are involved with. By then sharing your successes, you will help us spread the word - that there is a substantially better way forward for support.

Benefits include:

  • Implementation tutorials delivered as mini-courses. 

  • Access to our tool-specific body of knowledge (BOK)

  • Video and text forum support ("Take OFF Teams" on Volley).

  • Availability of the forthcoming eBook, "Advanced DESM".

  • TOFT Verification - proof of the extent and quality of your implementation, compared to the TOFT standard (there currently is no charge for this service). 

  • Free licensing (activity prioritisation is Patent Pending in some jurisdictions).

If you are a consultant or consultancy firm, we will provide you with the information and support required to advise and implement TOFT practices as well as possible, with every implementation TOFT Verified to the maximum extent possible, for the benefit of your clients. A free license is required - please get in touch for details.

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