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TOFT is short for "Take OFF for teams". It is a tool-based service system for the optimisation of ITIL's support related practices.

12 TOFT practices across 5 ITSM tool components produce Digital Enterprise Service Maturity (DESM). Six practices across three components - Streamline, Insight and Expectations Management - remove all 21 common support service issues. From three "quick-win" steps, ageing ticket backlog and the primary symptom of weak service delivery - "chase" escalations and complaints - can become things of the past.

Operational Insight is produced from flow metrics for ITSM, enabling teams to work collectively and collaboratively towards shared purpose, while also enabling managers to provide support whenever it is needed, simply "by exception". Status Flow Metrics are produced by Streamline practices, and TPM Insight is built on Activity Flow Metrics.

Primarily, TOFT orchestrates flow of the right activity at the right time.

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Team Performance Management (TPM) Insight

TPM Insight has one essential practice - Contribution Recognition.

All five Insight practices, providing advanced capability, are available as an mApp extension for Cherwell Service Management.

Presented on a suite of Dashboard monitors, activity flow metrics bring teams and managers incredibly close to what is happening operationally "on the ground", naturally elevating the success of Service Desk and eight other ITIL practices:

  • Continual Improvement - practically every procedural shortcoming identified for improvement.

  • Knowledge Management - build Knowledge Centred Service; and swarm to avoid upper escalation and delay.

  • Workforce & Talent - motivated, supported teams who benefit from extensive achievement knowledge.

  • Measurement & Reporting - over a dozen Activity Flow Metrics

  • Supplier Management (SIAM) - identify weak supplier service provision.

  • Problem Management - identify more Problems.

  • Relationship Management - have more business conversations.

  • IT Asset Management - maintain CMDB accuracy.

Where service teams struggle...
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