Future-Proof Work-from-Home

With use of real-time monitors presenting current operational issues or concerns, plus engaging process improvements, Team Performance Management (TPM) makes it far easier to achieve: 
  • Help and support for support teams, when it's needed.
  • Teamwork and collaboration.
  • Healthy levels of work activity.
  • Ideal support for inductees.
  • Continual improvement, through removal of time "waste", finely tuned Knowledge Management, identification of training needs and tight integration with Problem Management, plus exposure of supplier service issues (SIAM) and business relationship (BRM) needs.
With more besides, including ease of organisation and team planning, plus groundbreaking KPI's, TPM elevates success across nine ITIL practices in total.
Simplicity: The Insight edition need only be installed to gain considerable metric-oriented benefits for managers. In this zero configuration, there is no transition work required. Managers simply refer to TPM Dashboards providing operational insight. Optional functionality can then be adopted easily, at whatever pace you choose, separately per team.
White Paper: Flow metrics enable key capabilities and benefits in TPM. Understand why they are needed, why they can be transformational for any organisation and how they can be implemented in any adaptable service tool. Read the paper here.
Patent Pending: Some TPM methods are Patent Pending, covering pulse (progression) notes, time out notes, improvement item integration and inductee support.
Compatibility: Team Performance Management is available for all versions of Cherwell.
Other Work Tools: Please get in touch to discuss compatibility.
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