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Opimise was founded in 2019 by David Stewart

The Focus Framework is developed by David (Dave) Stewart.

Before 2019, David spent 18-years in diverse technical and managerial roles, from which a deep understanding was gained of the many operational issues that always exist when support services follow a purely ITIL way of working.
The first seeds of a new way were sown in 2007 but it was not until Cherwell Service Management exposure in 2015 that things began to move forward. Already recognising the wide range of operational issues that make service and team management so challenging, Cherwell brought realisation of "digital process platform" capabilities. The pursuit of true best practice, to remove all difficulties through ITSM tool utilisation, began.
Those who know David well will get why he has followed the intention through. Since the mid-1990's, exploration of better ways to provide services, by bringing information together in a more organised and digestible way than before, has been David's passion and pass-time. His greatest earlier achievement was during the dot-com boom when his HomeFind business was ultimately held-back by the success of RightMove.
Since 2019, David has been writing for the three foremost ITSM organisations - as occasional blogger, HDI (SupportWorld) as Featured Contributor, and itSMF UK (ServiceTalk) with whom David introduced Activity Prioritisation and Contribution Recognition (Flow Metrics) for the first time. David's aim - the purpose of Opimise - is to share Flow Management capabilities as widely as possible, for the benefit of any service organisation.
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