Advisory from the company that's reformed IT Support

Consultancy services should ensure outcomes are optimal, to future proof for decades to come.

Optimisation is what we do, through extraordinary process, from technology, to make the biggest difference possible for your people.

Whether we are asked to help you adopt our flagship Take OFF processes and products, or to work with your Service Desk to introduce new ways of working, solutions or standard ITSM capabilities, the work we do is always underpinned by quality and professionally qualified design from start to finish. 

| Support services benefit greatly from two base enhancements, available uniquely from Opimise...  

1. Almost never miss a Service Desk SLT again - in any service tool
Within two weeks*
Based on the principle that drives level 3 maturity and benefiting all service teams, meet every Service Desk service level target (SLT) by focusing effort where it is needed the most and controling everything else. Here's what we do...
  1. Support service analysis to determine your requirements.
  2. Draft Service Desk Process documentation explaining two simple procedural focus points.
  3. Service tool configuration to support the process including multi-team Dashboard build, for a Dashboard-first way-of-working.
  4. Transition workshops.
If you use Cherwell and are interested in a truly optimised way-of-working in which SLT can be met every time across all support tiers without managerial involvement, and much more, please get in touch.
2. Service Catalogue optimisation
Within five days*
Good service catalogue design is essential for a number of reasons. Indeed, it is a prerequisite for level 3 maturity.
Your catalogue should ensure an accurately matched support service is always easy to choose. It must underpin automation and should provide useful insight into how things are changing and improving. Here's what we do...
  1. Thorough analysis to identify succinct services, categories, sub-categories and resolution categories.
  2. Compare the schema to your service portal configuration and report on re-mapping requirements. 
  3. Implement the schema and portal remapping following agreement of the approach.
  4. Produce trend insight that's meaningful because it tells a true story of how support activity is changing. 
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* Typical minimum project length with implementation on a single system, subject to quote.