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Quick-Wins: Service that's more responsive - any Tool, any Team
3-Step Reform
Available for adaptable tools such as ServiceNow and Ivanti, our "quick-win" one or two step Reform services introduce timeliness. With 3-Step Reform, teamwork and performance is transformed, for reliability too.
Each is a primary FM practice:
  1. Standard Activity Prioritisation
  2. Pinpoint Expectations Management
  3. Contribution Recognition (60-second TPM video).
Not 100% sure? Why not understand the imperative in context with an initial audit?
| No matter where you are in the world, our assistance is available remotely, including gap analysis, practice introduction, and operating procedure documentation with accompanying online courses for your teams to take.
Tool Advisory
Gap Analysis

For your current tool, we can provide a report setting-out which Flow Management practices can be implemented, to what extent, and what's involved.

ITSM Tool Replacement

We can help you to decide which FM capabilities are important for you, and which tools are capable of supporting them.

Service Portal Purposing

High digital channel use is highly advantageous for support staff, and for requesters too. If this is your objective, we target over 95% uptake, achievable in any service tool with two base practice improvements.

Digtal Desk
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