Optimisation, or any level of improvement in-between
Our course and book, "TOFT 7 Essentials", explains SPS and other transformations that you might introduce yourself, or with our help.
The place to start is with prevention of backlog and customer escalations, through the introduction of:
  • Perfect Prioritisation
  • Contribution Recognition
  • Pinpoint Expectations Management.

| No matter which ITSM tool you use, a big difference can be made quickly and easily
| and no matter where you are in the world, our assistance is available remotely, including gap analysis and practice introduction.
Key Services
To help you get the most from TOFT's most vital component - SPS - we offer five standard, key advisory services:
  • Optimal SPS. Save months or years of developing your refined SPS and documentation. Understand advanced features and how far it can be developed in your ITSM tool. Ensure SPS can be TOFT verified to the maximum possible extent.
  • Control-by-Role. Control-by-Role removes personal ticket queue silos and allows your SPS - i.e. team performance - to really get going. Ensure your team roles are optimal for how you work.
  • Service Catalogue Schema.​ Support analysis and report on how to make it easy for service recipients to use your portal, and how to deliver maximum benefit including alignment with the "urgent" and other key SPS statuses.
  • Service Ticket Management Training, aligned to SPS and Control-by-Role.
  • Assistance for ITSM tool developers, guiding how best to implement TOFT practices.​
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Tool Advisory
Gap Analysis

For your current tool, we can provide a report setting-out which TOFT practices can be implemented, to what extent, and what's involved.

ITSM Tool Replacement

We can help you to decide which TOFT capabilities are important for you, and which tools are capable of supporting them.

* Quick-Wins: Base Practice Improvements, in any Tool

Two base improvements, available for any ITSM tool, benefit any IT organisation:

1. Almost never miss a Service Desk target again
Within two weeks <>
Based on the principle that drives SPS - perfect prioritisation - and benefiting all service teams, focus effort where it is needed the most and achieve timeliness in everything else. Here's what we do...
  1. Support service analysis to determine your requirements.
  2. Draft service desk documentation explaining two simple and engaging focus points.
  3. Service tool configuration including multi-team Dashboard build, for a Dashboard-first approach.
  4. Transition workshops.
If you use a tool with extensibility, for instance Cherwell or ServiceNow, and are interested in a truly optimised way-of-working in which service level targets can be met every time across all support tiers without managerial involvement, and much more, complete TOFT implementation might be considered instead.
2. Optimal Service Catalogue
Within two weeks <>
Good service catalogue design is essential for a number of reasons. Indeed, it is a prerequisite for a complete implementation of perfect prioritisation, and for TOFT service portal purposing. 
Your catalogue should ensure an accurately matched support service is always easy to choose, and it should provide useful insight into how things are changing and improving. Here's what we do...
  1. Thorough analysis to identify succinct services, categories, sub-categories, and resolution categories.
  2. Compare the schema to your service portal configuration and report on re-mapping requirements. 
  3. Implement the schema and portal remapping following agreement of the approach.
  4. Produce trend insight that's meaningful because it tells a true story of how support activity is changing.
TOFT Practices

For core practice service tool development services, please get in touch.

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<> Typical minimum project length with implementation on a single system, subject to quote.