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Team Performance Management (TPM)


TPM is based on six necessities for any IT Service Desk:

  1. Avoidance of spending an exceptionally long time on a single task because frequent activity is important for service delivery.

  2. Teamwork.

  3. Managerial support whenever it's needed.

  4. All work activity to be journaled in service tickets.

  5. Close support for new team members, to maintain service quality and IT security.

  6. Continual improvement of service.

These necessities are explained in the Opimise free study learning course "IT Support Service High Performance Principles".

TPM monitors and manages all six. It does this by bringing together all ticketed work activity and from its data, presenting actionable insight to team members and managers on Dashboards.

As a support team member, TPM Insight gives you:

  • Completeness in how your work contribution is represented.

  • Ability to contribute strongly to service improvement.

  • Ability to increase first contact resolution, for faster service delivery.

  • Closer involvement in supporting new team members.

  • Closer support from your manager or team leader.

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