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Team Performance Management (TPM)

Inductee Management

If you are a TPM "Inductee Manager", you will have access to the Induction Dashboard.

The timeliness in review of inductee activity is presented on TPM's KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard. This is because closeness in supporting new team members, by checking that appropriate approaches, processes and procedures have been followed, is important for maintenance of service quality, IT security, and service experience.

If your team and your TPM account has Team Together enabled, you do not need to be an Inductee Manager to assist new team members. From Team Together on your My Activity Dashboard, by choosing to "Collaborate" with a colleague, if the colleague is an inductee, the inductee's activity record is updated as having been "assisted", contributing to the inductee management KPI.

When inductee activity is "assisted", it might be because documentation or training is inadequate, so it becomes a candidate for inclusion in TPM's improvement register.

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