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Baked-in Value Abound

TOFT brings with it seven streams of high value

Operational Maturity

Only after a support service has been improved to the point of value stream optimisation, is operational maturity reached. In the Focus Framework, this is called "Digital Enterprise Service Maturity" (DESM).

Value Streams

Beyond practices and processes, value streams form desirable outcomes for customers. If outcomes are optimal, all the better.

For support service recipients, there is one value stream - Incident and Request Management. The main target outcome is service delivered quickly and easily, without exception. In larger IT organisations, however, without over-sizing support teams, this is not possible without Flow Management (FM). Excessively aged backlog and "chase" escalations are the reality, reflecting failure to deliver on a team's purpose of meeting needs and expectations. They are symptoms of practice shortcomings within an IT organisation's "support service value chain", shortcomings that are removed by FM.

For the employing business, TOFT enables six other value streams to be targeted and optimised.

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