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Baked-in Value Abound

TOFT brings with it eleven streams of high value

Operational Maturity

Only after a support service has created value for its employing businesses continually to the point of value stream optimisation in all areas, is operational maturity reached. In TOFT, this is called "Digital Enterprise Service Maturity" (DESM).

Value Streams

Value streams form desirable outcomes for customers. If outcomes are optimal, all the better.

For support service recipients, there is one value stream - Incident and Request Management. The main target outcome is service delivered quickly and easily, without exception. In larger IT organisations, however, this is not possible without TOFT, or over-resourcing. Excessively aged backlog and "chase" escalations are the reality, reflecting failure to deliver on a team's purpose of meeting needs and expectations. They are symptoms of practice shortcomings within an IT  organisation's "support service value chain", shortcomings that are removed by TOFT.

For the employing business, many more value streams might be targeted.

The 12 Service Desk Value Streams

TOFT optimises Incident and Request Management. Backlog and chase escalations are prevented, and because some might still occur during busy times, both are closely monitored and managed as well. Expectations of timeliness, communicated to service recipients through TOFT's Pinpoint Expectations Management practice, can be adjusted around available team capacity and current performance whenever situations change.


For the things beyond - the other things that any business will want - ten further value streams are either optimised, or improved.

Best of all, TOFT is different in that its practices are entirely configured in service tools, to continually guide teams in doing their job exceptionally well. Once introduced, value delivery continues on automatic, with little or no managerial effort required.

By simply choosing and implementing practices and features from the TOFT 7 Essentials eBook, this difference puts DESM within the reach of any IT organisation, no matter what your current level of maturity might be.

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