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Team Performance Management (TPM)

Progression Notes

Progression notes are a type of ticket journal that can be added to a service ticket when you want to:

  1. Ask for help. Your manager, or your team if Team Together is enabled, can consider whether procedural help is possible, to help you complete a task.

  2. Explain a time-consuming task, or an operational problem such as inadequate documentation. In doing so, the information you provide contributes to service improvement because every progression note is a candidate for TPM's improvement register.

Inactivity Notes, for Duty-of-Care

When there is an exceptionally log gap between activity, an inactivity note is presented to managers. Inactivity notes have a dual purpose:

  1. For duty-of-care. The reason for an exceptionally long gap between ticket activity might be related to your welfare. Particularly in a work-from-home setting, managers are able to identify when welfare support might be needed.

  2. To encourage progression note contribution, to maximise scope for continual improvement. An inactivity note is not generated when your most recent activity is a progression note, so progression notes avoid managerial concern over welfare.

Inactivity notes are not generated between 12:00 and 14:00.

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