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Take OFF Teams

Our aim is to bring TOFT to IT and enterprise service teams everywhere.

Organisations and support team members who adopt TOFT or its underlying principles are a unique community set apart from the old status quo. But degrees of success and benefit depend on how well TOFT practices and principles are implemented.

Our immersive video or text chat success community on Volley, called Take OFF Teams, is intended to bring together our course students, service tool developers, TOFT users, and anyone with an interest in what can be achieved through TOFT adoption, to ask questions and learn from one another.

Ask David private or community-wide questions. Ask students how high performance principles have been applied to their work. Raise questions around how TOFT practices can be introduced for a particular service tool, or generally. Contribute comments and suggestions. Share successes.


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If you prefer not to join our Volley community, please get in touch in the usual way: 
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