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Powerful USP's for MSP's

Desirable experiences flow when teams are guided efficientlyTOFT tool-based practices make it happen by optimising how teams deliver IT support, so is ideal for MSP's.


Six practices remove all 21 common support service issues and just three permanently eliminate ticket backlog and customer "chase" escalations.


At its centre is Perfect Prioritisation, otherwise called activity prioritisation. Easy to introduce, activity prioritisation overcomes the fact that when tickets are not completed straight away, the standard approach - ticket prioritisation - provides little or no guidance on when progression should happen, and so is substantially inadequate, as illustrated below:

Comparison to the Status Quo - A Little Adjustment_PP One pager.png

Then, in advanced SPS, additional benefits are:

  1. Timeliness optimisation

  2. SLA Breach Prevention

  3. Continual customer expectations management

  4. Progression bottlenecks seen at a glance and managed simply “by exception”.​

Verified credentials

Organisations who introduce TOFT can have credentials verified. For Perfect Prioritisation, they are:


Attentive reliable response (L1 / L2)

Collective cover (L1 / L2)

Delivery manageability (L1)

SLA accuracy & performance (L1 / L2)

Purposed service portal (L1)

"Perfect Prioritisation in 10-minutes"

The 10-minute video explaining Activity Prioritisation and how to introduce it, is available as a mini-course:

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