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Probably, but even in IT, weak service can be entirely prevented. With ease too. Say what?

Guided Teams, form Attentive Service


Complete IT Support Flow Managemen

Support is your main “experience arena”. Timeliness makes it good.
Activity Prioritisation makes timeliness happen. Teamwork makes timeliness reliable.
That's transformation's math.
Better practice. Better experiences.

What is it?  Flow Management is modern support service design. 

  By filling a dozen practice gaps, it shapes the future of support.  

AI can only assist


  Join the Community of Practice to learn all about it, but first...  

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Understand why the "Big Problem" affects you too - the imperative for improvement (video, 1 min, without AP explained).
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Read why IT Experience Management (ITXM) needs Flow Management (4 mins).

Join our Community of Practice to learn about Activity Prioritisation (AP) and all Flow Management (FM) practices, plus gain access to other resources including:

1. "Sub-optimal practice" - learn how standard practice (ITIL) for ticket management can be made to work well (if your ITSM tool does not support FM);

2. "Strategic objective for experience #2" - learn how to move easily from phone channel reliance to become a Digital Channel Service Desk, and the many reasons for doing so.

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The future of human-centric support is here.
Let's shape yours together.

  See how it works - say good-bye to a badly managed backlog. Hello reliable, timely service.

  Reduce the Experience Gap without FM practices - have your teams learn FM's 20 good practice principles.  

  Without a compatible service tool? Apply the basics.  

  Flow Management DIY? Verify against the Focus Framework.  

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21 Operational Issues harm IT support. Get the background...

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