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The Focus Framework is developed by David Stewart. Read my bio.

We're amid the 4th industrial revolution, heading towards the "Digital Everything".

Many IT Service Management tools are digital powerhouses. It's ironic therefore, that the work of IT service teams is left behind in a dogmatic mould that's the cause of so many operational difficulties (14 of them, to be precise).

Overcome them all. Gain multi-fold ROI from your tooling investment.

And most important of all, achieve...

Brilliant Service Delivery.

Service Focus Framework






The Focus Framework is a new way of working for service teams, making the most of modern service tools.


It produces “Responsiveness without exception”, the most impactful way to transform your Customer Experience.

The framework isn't only for IT support. It's equally beneficial to enterprise service operations and external Customer Services, enabling IT departments to add substantial value across an organisation.


Organisations adopting the framework will achieve service that’s reliable, timely, attentive, manageable and accountable, provided by healthier, motivated teams. With potential for service to be almost phone-call free, key outputs are:

  • Up to 100% Service Desk Resolution SLA, achieved through breach prevention.

  • Sustained Escalation Prevention.

  • Sustained Backlog Elimination.

  • Comprehensive "in time" quality control.

  • Teamwork.

  • Performance motivation.

  • Transformed performance review process.

  • Transformed managerial capability.

  • Zero admin.

  • Accurate, insightful metrics for service health and CSI.

  • Accurate SLA metrics.


  • Comprehensive work activity journaling.

  • Accelerated support team learning.

  • Improved job satisfaction (ESAT).

  • Optimal team sizing.

  • Ease of backfill.

  • Tight SIAM.


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