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Modernise IT Support Team Practices
through Service Tool Utilization - Business Case

For over 30-years, standard (ITIL) ticket management practices have remained unchanged. Yet, IT support teams still struggle with timeliness. Service experiences still suffer.


When technology positions us in a world where anything is possible, surely there has to be a better way?

In 2016, I set out to answer this question and quickly reached the conclusion that there is a far better way, one that had remained undiscovered because no one had stepped back to rethink how support should be done.


In 2021, I introduced over a dozen ITIL "infill" practices that when brought together, remove every common operational issue (all 21).

With an illustrative first year ROI of 900%, a support service founded on Activity Prioritisation (Patent Pending), Expectations Management, Contribution Recognition, and other elements of ITSM Flow Management, take teams, managers, and service to extraordinary new heights.

The ideal time to adopt them is when change is already happening for a client:

  • When moving to a new ITSM tool, which might also be; 

  • When moving to a managed service provider;

  • When a support service is struggling (turns red) and needs focused intervention, to prevent it from regressing in the future.

Clearly, the movement should start with a leading Managed Service Desk provider.

I hope you will want to consider this opportunity by reading the Business Case.


Thank you,


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