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Guarantee for IT Support Services

Through the Service Focus Framework, optimal service is certain, so success is guaranteed on 10 levels.

  1. Open ticket volume will quickly reduce.

  2. Active ticket volume will total no more than average daily new ticket volume.

  3. Time-based metrics will be accurate.

  4. Resolution SLA performance will improve.

  5. 70% of service ticket updates will be reviewed in less than 3 hours.

  6. 100% of tickets still waiting on a customer response after 2.5 weeks will have been chased three times and will be closed.

  7. Practically all support team activity will be recorded and measured.

  8. Managers will oversee and manage team work activity more easily.

  9. Staff performance reviews will be more objective.

  10. Support staff satisfaction levels will improve.

Guaranteed outcomes are subject to conditions agreed before engagement..

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