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19 Common Operational Issues, every Operational Problem

Take OFF removes them all 

  • Workload silos: every ticket queue owned by an individual is a point of inefficiency that can sometimes cause slow service or failure to provide service at all.

  • Lack of collaboration and teamwork.

  • Weak motivation and unsteady performance.

  • Activity prioritisation - the question of "what next?"

  • Backlog control and ticket abandonment.

  • Premature ticket closure.

  • "Operational Problems" (procedural weaknesses) are not identified and removed.

  • Weak manageability due to rudimentary metrics.

  • Weak quality control: non-standardisation.

  • Time-based SLA's are measured so inaccurately that they are statistically invalid, and consequently...

  • SLA performance is weak.

  • Customer updates are sometimes not seen.

  • Missed appointments.

  • Ticket progression is not always journaled.

  • IT lacks accountability in the service provided.

  • IT lacks accountability in the value it delivers.

  • Support for service inductees.

  • Ticket assignment mistakes made by inductees.

  • Unfocused employee reviews that serve little purpose.