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Common support service issues

  • Workload silos - individuals are points of failure.

  • Too many phone calls prevent effective prioritisation and workflow.

  • Difficulty nurturing collaboration and teamwork, especially in remote teams.

  • Poor levels of motivation and performance.

  • Difficulty controlling backlog.

  • Customer ticket updates ignored or not answered.

  • Difficulty coordinating a time for support - appointments often missed.

  • Service ticket abandonment.

  • Weak metrics - difficulty managing performance and service quality.

  • Service quality management is very time consuming.

  • No visibility and control over whether work is carried out in the most appropriate way.

  • Ticket prioritisation and SLA's fail to lift service delivery.

  • SLA's are inaccurately measured, or perform poorly, or both.

  • Time wasted on admin tasks.

  • Service tickets aren't always updated to reflect their progression.

  • Lack of accountability in what IT does.

  • Limited visibility in how support teams add value.

  • Long learning curve for new Service Desk recruits.

  • Ticket assignment mistakes by new recruits.

  • Mistakes aren't known.

  • Employee reviews lack substance.

  • Weak levels of job satisfaction.

  • Employee attrition.

  • Weak operational processes beyond the IT Service Desk.